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CA | CMA Final Students Guide To Ind ASs [Converged IFRSs] By Dr. D.S. Rawat






 Students Guide To Ind ASs [Converged IFRSs]

Book Type

Main Book


Dr. D.S. Rawat

CA Pooja Patel

Applicable to

CA Final Students & Onward Exams

Key Benefit

The Present Publication is the 7th Edition, authored by Dr. D.S. Rawat & CA Pooja Patel, for CA/CMA Final & Updated till 30-04-2021, with the following noteworthy features:

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Content of Book
  • Contents of this book are as follows:
    • Introduction to Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS)
    • Framework for the Preparation and Presentation of Financial Statements in accordance with Indian Accounting Standards
    • Presentation of Financial Statements (Ind AS-1)
    • Inventories (Ind AS-2)
    • Statement of Cash Flows (Ind AS-7)
    • Accounting policies, changes in accounting estimates and errors (Ind AS-9)
    • Events after the reporting period (Ind AS-10)
    • Construction Contracts (Ind AS-11) | Deleted | Not in CA-Final Syllabus
    • Income Taxes (Ind AS-12)
    • Property, Plant and Equipment (Ind AS-16)
    • Leases (Ind AS-17) | Deleted | Not in CA Final Syllabus
    • Revenue (Ind AS-18) | Deleted | Not in CA Final Syllabus
    • Employee Benefits (Ind AS-19)
    • Accounting for Government grants and disclosures of Government assistance (Ind AS-20)
    • The effects of changes in Foreign Exchange Rates (Ind AS-21)
    • Borrowing Cost (Ind AS-23)
    • Related Party Disclosure (Ind AS-24)
    • Separate Financial Statements (Ind AS-27)
    • Investments in Associates and Joint Ventures (Ind AS-28)
    • Financial reporting in hyperinflationary economies (Ind AS-29) | Deleted | Not in CA Final Syllabus
    • Earnings Per Share (Ind AS-33)
    • Interim Financial Reporting (Ind AS-34)
    • Impairment of Assets (Ind AS-36)
    • Provisions, Contingent Liabilities and Contingent Assets (Ind AS-37)
    • Intangible Assets (Ind AS-38)
    • Investment Property (Ind AS-40)
    • Agriculture (Ind AS-41)
    • First-time adoption of Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS-101)
    • Share-based payments (Ind AS-102)
    • Business Combinations (Ind AS-103)
    • Insurance Contracts (Ind AS-104) | Deleted | Not in CA Final Syllabus
    • Non-current assets held for sale and discontinues operations (Ind AS-105)
    • Exploration for and evaluation of mineral resources (Ind AS-106) | Deleted | Not in CA Final Syllabus
    • Operating segments (Ind AS-108)
    • Financial instruments: Recognition, presentation, and disclosure (Ind AS-32), (Ind AS-107), (Ind AS-109)
    • Consolidated financial statements (Ind AS-110)
    • Joint arrangements (Ind AS-111)
    • Disclosure of interest in other entities (Ind AS-112)
    • Fair value measurement (Ind AS-113)
    • Regulatory deferral accounts (Ind AS-114) | Deleted | Not in CA Final Syllabus
    • Revenue from contracts with customers (Ind AS-115)
    • Leases (Ind AS-116)
Delivery Date : Student shall be Provided with Tracking id of the Book within 24-48 Hours.
Book shall be delivered within 4-5 working days after dispatch by courier agency.


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