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CA Final Corp. & Eco. Law Main Text Book by CA Munish Bhandari May22




Applicable to :

CA Final Students Apparing for May/Nov 22 Exam

Subject Name :

Corporate & economic Law

Book Type :

Main Book

Author :

CA Munish Bhandari

Content & Key Benefit :

LAW Main Textbook –

   ·  Use of easy and lucid language, To-The-Point but comprehensive discussion and Student Friendly Approach would make the study of law simple, easy and interesting.

   ·  Relevant background behind the legal provisions has been incorporated at relevant places. This would enable the students to understand the rationale behind the complicated legal provisions, create an interest in the subject and understand it well.

   · The detailed discussion and inter-linking of topics would be helpful in building strong conceptual clarity.

   ·  Self-created examples and illustrations and advanced Practical Problems have been included in various chapters so as to explain the intricate provisions of law.

   ·  Incorporates Bird’s eye view of every chapter (at the beginning of every chapter), including the sections, rules, regulations and forms covered in such chapter.

   ·  All the time limits, monetary limits, keywords and important points have been highlighted by using the red colour, which would facilitate quick reading, better understanding and quick revision.

   ·  Incorporates numerous amendments made in the Companies Act, 2013, Securities Laws and Economic Laws.

   ·  The amendments and changes incorporated in the latest Study Material issued by ICAI have also been incorporated in this Book.

   ·  The Book contains more than 350 Theoretical Questions and 550 Practical Problems (with detailed answers).

   ·  More than 90% of the Questions covered in ICAI Study Material, Suggested Answers, Practice Manual, Revision Test Papers (RTPs), Mock Test Papers, Questions for Practice, etc. have been covered in this Book.

   ·  A large number of Practical Problems asked in CS Examinations have been incorporated.

   ·  The Book incorporates a ‘Ready Reckoner’ consisting of 22 Appendices containing useful and handy Tables.

   ·  Incorporates the Question Papers of January 2021, July 2021 and December 2021 CA (Final) Examination (New Syllabus).

   ·  Includes a ‘Trend’ showing distribution of marks in Past 10 CA (Final) Examinations.

   ·  The Book includes all the Amendments, Rules, Regulations, Notifications, etc. relevant for May, 2022 Exams.

   ·  The Book has been written as per the Latest Syllabus prescribed by ICAI. All such topics / sections as have been excluded vide ICAI’s Announcements dated 24th June 2019, 22nd July 2019, 15th July 2020 and 5th June, 2021 have been eliminated from the Book.

   ·  This Book is updated upto 31st October, 2021 and is meant for May, 2022 Exams (New Syllabus).

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